The Top Doggos For First Time Owners

Karen Spensley October 8, 2020

Beginners should try not to get a dog that is especially demanding, in terms of training or health. You want a doggo that is reliable, safe, healthy, trainable, and has a good temperament. Remember there are no bad puppers only bad owners and all doggo’s need training from an early …

The Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy People

Kat Sweet

Caring for a dog comes with great responsibility. And that applies to all dogs, no matter the breed. Yes, even “low-maintenance” breeds. When you consider adopting a new pup, you have to think about their basic needs to keep them happy and healthy: dogs need daily walks, regular vet visits, occasional …

Couch Potato? Meet These Lazy Dog Breeds

Molly Silverman October 7, 2020

An active lifestyle is just not the lifestyle for some people. They know they need to move around and exercise to be healthy, but still just prefer laying on the couch and relaxing. Dogs can be the same way too! Some of them need to be forced to get up, …


Animal Parents Accurately Portraying Parenthood
Molly Silverman September 10, 2020

Animal Parents Accurately Portraying Parenthood

Animals might not speak the same language as humans, but let’s be real, parenthood is a universal language. The joys of having children go across species… and so do the shake my head moments as well. There was never a manual for parenting, so it makes sense why the animal …
Firefighters Get a Huge Surprise During an Animal Rescue
Kat Sweet August 31, 2020

Firefighters Get a Huge Surprise During an Animal Rescue

An average day on the job for a firefighter is anything but average. Firefighters put their lives on the line to ensure public safety. They respond to any number of dangerous situations at a moment’s notice — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But sometimes, firefighters aren’t just …
Adorable Dogs Tricked into Going to the Vet
Amanda Walker August 27, 2020

Adorable Dogs Tricked into Going to the Vet

If there’s one thing for certain, dogs and pets in general seem to have a second sense when it comes to knowing that they’re headed to the vet’s office. And that moment when they realize it can be adorably funny! These photos capture some of those moments, including how the …