These Guard Dogs Just Want to Keep You Safe

Erin Long January 14, 2021

All dogs are good dogs… but some of them are better at being guard dogs than others. If you’ve ever seen a golden retriever interact with a total stranger as if they’ve found their long-lost best friend, then you know what I mean. If you’re looking for a loyal, dedicated, …

30 Facts That Will Forever Change How You Look at Your Dog

Karen Spensley December 30, 2020

Ever wonder how much your dog really understands? Or why your dog does a particular thing? We have the answers for you! This list contains 30 facts about dogs that researchers have discovered as we’ve gotten to know our furry friends better and better. Some longstanding myths about dogs have …

The Best Medium-Sized Dogs

Karen Spensley December 22, 2020

So you think small dogs are yappy freaks and big dogs are slobber monsters. We have the right pup right here! Keep reading to see the perfect medium-sized dog for you.

SHHHHH! Here Are 30 Dogs That Won’t Bark!

Karen Spensley December 18, 2020

All dogs are good dogs but let’s face it, life with a quiet fur baby is easier than with one who’s vocal. Here are some puppers that not only your ears will appreciate, but your neighbors will as well.

They Weren’t Expecting This! Pets Who Turned On Their Humans

Karen Spensley December 11, 2020

No matter how much we love our pets and think of them as our “babies”, they are still animals and at times they can’t help their natural instincts–no matter how much they love us or appreciate our opposable thumbs at dinner time. Keep reading to see some of the most …


Adorable Dogs Meeting Adorable Babies
Zoe Jewell September 15, 2020

Adorable Dogs Meeting Adorable Babies

Bringing a baby home for the first time is extremely exciting, but it can also be full of adjustments and learning, especially if there’s a dog involved. While a lot of dogs love meeting new people, it’s only natural they may be a little confused as to why there’s all …
Animal Parents Accurately Portraying Parenthood
Molly Silverman September 10, 2020

Animal Parents Accurately Portraying Parenthood

Animals might not speak the same language as humans, but let’s be real, parenthood is a universal language. The joys of having children go across species… and so do the shake my head moments as well. There was never a manual for parenting, so it makes sense why the animal …
Firefighters Get a Huge Surprise During an Animal Rescue
Kat Sweet August 31, 2020

Firefighters Get a Huge Surprise During an Animal Rescue

An average day on the job for a firefighter is anything but average. Firefighters put their lives on the line to ensure public safety. They respond to any number of dangerous situations at a moment’s notice — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But sometimes, firefighters aren’t just …