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    25 Worst Rated Dog Foods

    Dogs today are still the same as they were in the past. The biological nature of the modern dog is relatively the same as it was for their carnivorous ancestors. Commercial brands produce the worst dog foods and are centered on corn, wheat, or rice as well as artificial vitamins and minerals to pass the […] More

  • dogs that might affect homeowners insurance premiums

    10 Dogs That Come with Hefty Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

    It’s a sad, but true, fact of life that having a dog can actually raise your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Obviously, they have to consider all the possibilities – like, what if your dog bites someone? It can and does happen, and it’s often the insurance company’s responsibility to pay for the injured party’s medical bills. […] More

  • guilty dog tore up the bathroom door

    10 Guilty Looking Dogs

    We’ve all see it – the look of guilt on a dog’s face when it knows it’s done something wrong. Sometimes we feel confused or angry, and we may even get upset, but those faces quickly lull us into forgiveness. From destroyed toys and massacred bedding to those abstract art pieces made from tiny paper […] More

  • dogs for seniors

    10 Dog Breeds Perfect for Seniors

    As we get older, it becomes more and more important to ensure we stay active and mentally stimulated. That’s why having an animal companion can be so beneficial to both our mental and physical health. Dogs are a great option for seniors, as they’re often quite straightforward to care for, loyal, and loving. Plus, studies […] More

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    10 Biggest Dog Breeds in The World

    Often, people are referred to as simply dog people or cat people. However, there are actually many different types of dog people. Some folks like cute, little tiny dogs, while others prefer big, hulking breeds. And boy, are there some impressively big dogs out there. Here are the hugest of the huge. More

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    The 20 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

    Loyalty is the most important aspect in any relationship according to many people. It’s also what a lot of people are looking for when they choose a dog; a loyal dog that will stand by their family in every situation and always make them feel safe. It doesn’t matter if your dog is big, small […] More

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    25 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

    Dogs are popular domestic animals but they can be dangerous. There are certain breeds of dogs that are more dangerous than others. This can be due to factors including temperament, strength, and size. Large and muscular dogs can be intimidating and they can be hard to control at time. There are 25 breeds of dogs that […] More

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    The 25 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The United States

    According to the American Kennel Club, there are a whopping 192 registered dog breeds currently in existence. With that many breeds, obviously some are more popular than others. For instance, when was the last time you saw someone walking their Puli, their Bergamasco Shepherd, or their Azawakh through the neighborhood? Exactly. Golden Retrievers, however, are […] More

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    Animal Rescuer Overcomes Fear To Save Dog On The Edge Of Life And Death

    Animal rescue is a dangerous line of work but can be very rewarding when a dog or cat is saved and lives a happier life. Many times, rescuers must confront aggressive, diseased, or otherwise dangerous animals and try to help them escape a terrible situation. It can be difficult when an animal desperately needs help […] More

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