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Affenpoo (Affenpinscher Poodle)

Closing Thoughts On The Affenpoo

When you take a good look at this small sized dog, you can’t help but think, it’s an Affenpinscher. Then you meet the dog, and find out that it has a lot of Poodle traits, and similar Terrier characteristics as well.

Yet the Affenpoo is is own dog, that is proving you don’t have to regisered with the American Kennel Club to be a great dog.

He’s smart, he will listen and can be very obedient. There’s not much you can throw at this hybrid and get past him. But the dog can be stubborn at times as well as a little grump.

The Affenpoo may have came from the 90’s, but it is definitely here to stay. That’s because this dog is universally wonderful. They can be great companions for grandma and the perfect dog for a first timer living in an apartment.