American Staffordshire Terrier – Page 7 – Dog Breed Review

American Staffordshire Terrier


When you first receive a Amstaff puppy, it is recommended that you keep him or her in a 30” crate. An apartment will be enough space for the breed, but it also a good idea to get your dog out and let it exercise several times a week.

If you take your American Staffordshire Terrier for a 20-30 minute walk daily, you’ll be in good condition, as this is the recommended amount of time for him to exercise. Because the dog is active, you can play and do tricks, take him or her to the park and teach them commands. They are quick learners, making them ideal to these conditions.

Due to its short coat, daily maintenance on the dog isn’t required or needed. Yes, the dog will shed quite a bit for their coat length, but the American Staffordshire is rather low maintenance when it comes to grooming care. You can get away with brushing the dog once a week and that will be sufficient.

Unfortunately, you won’t be as lucky with the dog’s breath and mouth. You’ll certainly want to keep an eye out on brushing the Am Staff’s teeth at least once a week because this breed tends to have more bacterial build-up in its mouth than other canines.

When it comes to training, you’ll want to get an early-start with this breed of dog. They do have a tendency of acting like other Terriers and Bulldogs if not properly conditioned.

For the best-behaved dog, make sure you show the puppy at a young age who is boss by being authoritative. The American Staffordshire is incredibly loyal, and as mentioned above, is considered a pack dog, which means it will follow the boss when it knows who is boss. Because this breed of dog can be stubborn and resistant, you’ll want to start at a young age teaching him or her obedience.