Animal Rescuer Overcomes Fear To Save Dog On The Edge Of Life And Death

Animal rescue is a dangerous line of work but can be very rewarding when a dog or cat is saved and lives a happier life. Many times, rescuers must confront aggressive, diseased, or otherwise dangerous animals and try to help them escape a terrible situation. It can be difficult when an animal desperately needs help but doesn’t trust humans enough to accept it. Sometimes they never receive the help they need and face the perils of street living for many years. However, rescuer Eldad from Hope for Paws wouldn’t give up on Yara, the injured puppy he found on the side of the road. She was so aggressive that Eldad, who is an experienced rescuer in the local community, was afraid to touch her or get too close for fear he may be attacked. Find out how Yara overcame her terrible injury and abandonment and became one of Hope for Paws favorite rescue stories.