Belgian Tervuren – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review

Belgian Tervuren


While you don’t absolutely need a huge yard to own a Belgian Tervuren, you probably will want more than an apartment. This is a breed that needs to get out and “stretch its legs.” Daily exercise is a must. Aim for approximately 45-60 minutes per day to avoid your Terv from going stir crazy. 

Early socialization is another must. Positive reinforcement and encouragement works best. You may need to remain consistent with socialization. This is one reason the Belgian Tervuren is better for someone with experience. 

Another important note about this Sheepdog. You should make them an indoor pet. The Belgian Tervuren isn’t an outdoor pet, but they should have plenty of access outside. While this isn’t a lapdog or a breed that’ll enjoy lying around all day, they should be a part of your family’s outings and efforts.