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Belgian Tervuren

Fun Belgian Tervuren Facts

  • Albert, a male Tervuren from Amsterdam in the 1920’s helped the police track over 200 fugitives.
  • Belgian Tervurens have made appearances on television. For instance, the BBC soap series, EastEnders, the Disney film, Special Agent Cody Banks 2, and the reality show, The Alaskan Bush People.
  • Milsart, is the breed’s first show champion, winning a championship back in 1907.
  • In other countries, the Belgian Tervuren isn’t a distinct breed. In fact, the Terv still belongs to the Belgium Sheepdog breed.
  • The man many historians give credit to the Terv’s rise as a breed, M.F. Corbeel, use to have his Tervuren push his beer cart during the day and guard it at night.