Boston Terrier – Dog Breed Review

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier relaxing at home

The Boston Terrier is considered to be the epitome of an all-American dog. Their history dates back in Boston. At one point, Americans were so enamored with this breed, that their popularity topped the charts for most of the early 1900’s.

This small size and medium energy breed has been strutting along American culture with its fine and short tuxedo coat ever since the late 1800’s. Unfortunately, the breed became known and used as a pit fighting dog.

Thankfully, a shift in society gave this canine breed a different role in society. One that is much safer. A role they cherish and thrive in as a family companion pet.

So what is it that makes the Boston Terrier so adored and appreciated as one of America’s own canine breeds?

Here is what you need to know about the Boston Bull Terrier.