Boston Terrier – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review

Boston Terrier


Once humans in the early 20th century began frowning upon pit fighting with dogs, they began realizing how useful the Boston Terrier could be in a different capacity. That they are.

Considered to be silly at times, and sometimes the class clown, Boston Terriers are a wannabe lap dog, usually with too much size to be one. Although they are labeled in the small breed group, a Boston has a giant heart and just wants to love its humans.

Starting with children, the Boston Terrier isn’t big enough to trample over smaller kids, but they aren’t small enough to be bullied either.

Muscular and compact, sometimes Boston Terriers like to exude a little bit of showmanship through playful combat with fellow dogs and pet owners.

They can be described as gentle and incredibly affectionate. Early socialization is always key for how well they are around other animals and smaller children.

Ultimately, unless you were to raise a mean dog, the Boston Terrier is happiest at home and curled up on the couch with his brother or master.

While they do enjoy the outdoors, the Boston Terrier is susceptible to excessive heat due to their short muzzle. On the other hand, the cold weather isn’t ideal for this breed either.

They should get out and walk at least once a day. They can be greedy with their food and ardent beggars.

Boston Terriers, despite the first impression you may have, are friendly and consider many to be a friend. They thrive in agility testing, and embrace new tasks and tricks to learn.

Boston Terriers can adapt to many surroundings, and are considered to be the perfect canine companion.