Boston Terrier – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review

Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers should receive early socialization as puppies, and this breed requires low-key training. They don’t like to be scolded or demoralized. This can cause them to shut down and react unfavorably.

They can be destructive, if they feel neglected and unwanted. This could result in excessive chewing or torn up furniture. A simple solution such as a daily walk, and mental stimulation exercises will keep this American Gentleman very happy.

A Boston Terrier can be stubborn and ravenous with food. Always maintain a healthy diet and also be consistent with your training.

Ultimately, the Boston Terrier wants to be where you are. They love their families and should be included on family expeditions. They should be indoors during extreme cold or hot temperatures due to their genetic makeup. However, they do enjoy walks and jogs. They do learn well, and are considered one of the more intelligent dog breeds around.

Boston Terriers should receive a bath when it’s necessary. Their teeth should be brushed two to three times per week to promote hygiene and good dental health. This will reduce the likelihood of gum diseases.

Trimming nails once a month is a good idea so that your furniture isn’t ripped up inadvertently. This will help the dog as well avoid pain from overgrown and torn nails.

To avoid ear infections, you should regularly clean out their ears with a damp cloth.

Finally, always clean their faces and check for facial irritation or redness.