Can You Guess The Most Expensive Dog Breeds?

Dachshund Puppies lined up
Love Your Dog

Dogs have long been man’s best friend. In fact, they were domesticated somewhere between 19,000 and 32,000 years ago. Of course, domestication was originally a means of survival, as dogs were better at chasing down prey.

But these days, dogs’ companionship is the real reason why we love them so much. And in fact, these furry, four-legged creatures have managed to become more than just a part of our lives–for most of us, they’re one of the family.

However, there are endless breeds of dogs out there, and some are a little pricier than others. Their cost doesn’t just include the initial price, either. The costs of grooming expenses and healthcare are factored in, too.

Click through to discover some of the most expensive dog breeds out there. Could you afford these canines?