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Chow Chow


The Chow Chow is considered a dog that is medium sized and energy, which belongs to the American Kennel Club’s “Non Sporting Group.”

But well before they were first registered in 1903, they were carving out a name for themselves as far back as the Hans Dynasty. That’s what many believe.

In fact, scientists date the dog back 3,000 years ago, and some believe even further. Historians claim during the 11th century BC. a heavily built dog with many of the same characteristics, including their blue/black tongue were described then in scriptures and documents.

Alternatively, some even claim the Chow Chow isn’t originally from China, but rather the ancient Mongols. 

Much of the history recorded with this breed is established with the Chinese, who used this dog for guarding and hunting. The Chinese needed a dog that could withstand certain weather conditions, and thanks to their thick coats, the Chow Chow held its own.

Moreover, the breed was used for pulling sleds or freight, hunting pheasants and wolves, herding bigger game along, and guarding property from invaders. They also, if needed, consumed humans.

A popular choice among emperors, the Chow Chow eventually found its way into England around 1780. With their unique features, and good sense of smell and herding abilities, the Chow fell into favor with the royal class including Queen Victoria. 

The United States saw the emergence of the breed in 1890, when it is said the first dog appeared at the American Kennel Club’s Westminster Show and took third place in the Miscellaneous class. This gave the dog even more prominence and they were eventually registered with the club in 1903. Three years later, the Chow Chow Club of America was formed.

Some historians believe that the Samoyed and Tibetan Mastiffs are accountable for this breed’s gene pool. However, another belief is that this breed may have existed before those two aforementioned and that the Samoyed and Mastiff could be from the Chow Chow.

Today, the breed is better known for their companionship among many households. Chow Chows are ranked 74th most popular among the American Kennel Club’s registered breeds.