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Chow Chow


The Chow Chow lives an average life expectancy rate of 8 to 12 years. 

When you buy from a breeder, you definitely want to make sure you’re getting clearances and the proper documentation for this breed. They can come with a plethora of health concerns. Regular visits and a mutual health plan with the veterinarian will help go a long way for you getting the most out of your Chow Chow.

Most of the issues affecting the Chow Chow seems to be with the eyes, that can be affected by Autoimmune diseases. They do have a relatively high rate for Elbow Dysplasia at 40 percent. 

According to a Michigan State University, the Chow Chow was found to suffer from Hypothyroidism 14 percent of the time.

Breeds like Samoyed and Chow Chows are found to suffer from Glaucoma more than other breeds. 40 percent of those affected will become blind within the first year. Symptoms like redness and dilated pupils can be indicators.

Cataracts, a cloudiness of the eye lens, which can lead to opacity, is often found in dogs like Boston Terriers and Chow Chows. Other issues affecting this breed’s eyes are Entropion, when the eyelid rolls in and causes infections and irritation, as well as Ectropion, which is the reverse affect, but just a painful as the latter.

Canine Oral Melanoma is commonly found in dogs with darkly pigmented gums or tongues, which should be something you watch out for considering the Chow Chows blue or black tongue.

Autoimmune diseases  or skin diseases involving ulceration and crusting of the skin, which can lead to a formation of cysts and skin lesions that harm skin tissue of the gums are found with this breed.

Deep chested dogs are at risk for gastric torsion, also known as Bloat. This overabundance of air that distends the stomach and twists inside can be deadly.