Chow Chow – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review

Chow Chow


Persistent training and early socialization is crucial for this breed. They are known to have a bit of an aggressive side to them, and if they aren’t led by a strong master, then the Chow Chow can become the leader as a result. This will help your dog integrate better with smaller children, pets, and strangers.

The dog is intelligent, and most often, some Chow Chow owners believe they don’t need to train their dog. Quite the contrary, the breed needs a firm and consistent leader, who will back up his training with positive reinforcement and won’t play too hard of a hand. They may be easy to train, but because of their independent mentality, the dog can be hard headed and doesn’t like being told what to do. This is why you must lay down the law with them early on.

They can be impatient with smaller children, who do not understand or know how to treat an animal. This can lead to retaliation and a dog bite, which was quite common with this breed during the 70’s and 80’s. If you must have another dog, you should consider a dog of the opposite sex.

Daily walks are a good idea, one or two. They don’t need a ton of bathing, as a matter of fact, you could get by with two to four baths per year or as needed. Trimming the nails will prevent splitting and cracking, as well as overgrowth, which can cause discomfort and pain.

You will also want to watch this dog in the heat and with high humidity levels. This breed doesn’t respond well with muggy climates and prefers a colder to mild region. If they start panting or wheezing, then you will want to react right away.