Cocker Spaniel – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review

Cocker Spaniel


You don’t need to be a seasoned hunter, or live in the Bayou to own a Cocker Spaniel. This breed is very easy to train and is always eager to please their master. First time dog owners will enjoy the ease of training and bonding that comes with this breed.

Cockers love affection and aren’t afraid to lend out their fair share. Attention driven, the Cocker Spaniel aims to please and only wishes to be part of all the family expeditions. 

While they are listed as a medium energy breed, they can be very active puppies and young adults. This means dig out the tennis ball, frisbee or some other form of mental stimulation. This breed thrives on hikes, swimming, longer walks or just about anything that involves movement with their human.

Great with child, just as long as they are socialized properly. Even cats get along with the Cocker Spaniel, but really all family pets will enjoy the gentle spirit of this breed. Strangers may experience a shy or reserved Cocker at times, or they may experience a boat load of kisses and slobber.

Cockers are very intelligent and love a task or chore to do. Give them a job and watch them excel at it. Proper reinforcement, such as positive reaffirming, will go a long way with this dog during training.