Cocker Spaniel – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review

Cocker Spaniel


Some of the grooming that comes along with this dog may be difficult for newcomers and should be left to the professionals. With the Cocker Spaniel, you’ll definitely want to check the eyes and ears for infections or irritation. Watch out for any debris collecting, and always wash it out with a damp cloth and dry well.

This is an intelligent breed, that needs plenty of activity between master and dog. You will want to make time for your pooch, so that your Cocker doesn’t go stir crazy and suffer boredom. j

Early socialization will make this breed a great companion for you, strangers, small children and other pets.

Daily walks is always suggested. 

Thrives better out in the country, but can totally be an apartment pet. 

This loyal dog will shower you with plenty of love and affection, even if you don’t deserve it, so be sure you return the favor. You can never show or tell a Cocker you love them too much.