Collie – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review



If Columbo was a breed of dog, he would choose the Collie. Why? This is a breed well known for their problem solving, near-detective skills. A highly intelligent breed, that you won’t have to follow around to make sure a job gets done right. Collies made a reputation centuries ago for stalking and finding their game but not going overboard with the kill. This is a breed that will pick up on new trick easily and is totally agreeable to learn. Fanciers of this breed appreciate that they learn quickly what they need and want from a working dog.

As former sentry dogs, current therapy and service canines, the Collie can find a role in just about anything. From the show ring to the thickest of pastures. A willing and capable worker is another way to describe this graceful muzzle.

At times, you may hear them vocalize and bark, but mostly to communicate with their people. This is the ultimate family dog, and is wonderful around and with children. The Collie is also a practical choice for someone who has other dogs. They are generally friendly with strangers, typically showing no signs of aloof behavior.

You can bring this dog with you just about anywhere from dog parks to water parks. This is a breed that wants involvement with the family life. They want to be outside and exercising. However, you can leave the dog alone and not worry about neurotic behavior. They are intelligent enough to know you have a daily purpose and will return.

As far as living with, the Collie, just as long as they get enough mental stimulation and attention, can live in apartments or farmhouses. This is an all purpose dog, that thrives in agility, obedience, herding, therapy and service tasks.