Collie – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review



Whether you have decades of experience or are dilettantish with dogs, the Collie is for just about everyone. Having said that, you do need to show them attention and shower them with affection to get a good return. This is by no means a breed that should be left as a backyard dog, and should get plenty of interaction with the family.

Daily exercise is necessary for this active breed. You should fit them a purpose. It doesn’t have to be herding, but canine sports to give them plenty of mental stimulation. They love to learn and help with the family. You will need to keep an eye out around smaller children, only in the sense of their natural herding instincts. This harmless nipping or herding can lead to injury if the dog is unaware of what they’re doing.

Early socialization and training is a good idea. Strangers and other pets are fine with this breed. You can make that easier by breaking them in as puppies.

You will want to keep an eye out for certain coat types, mainly the rough Collie. They do have a tendency to be more work than the Smooth variety. An occasional bath will suffice. Trimming their nails once a month or whenever there seems to be splitting, overgrowth, etc. Check their ears for bacterial backup regularly. 

In summary, this is a great family dog, that when you socialize them and train early on, will prove to be a wonderful fit for whatever practical purpose you need or want.