Dachshund – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review



A moderately active dog, that is often heralded as “spunky” and “lively.” Even as a companion pet, the Dachshund is likely to exude traits that made this breed famous. Those traits can be chasing smaller animals around including birds. They still enjoy digging and sniffing around the lot to appease their imaginative curiosities.

E.B. White once joked about the independent nature of the Dachshund and the difficulty a master can have training the breed. White remarked, “He (Fred, his dog) even disobeys me when I Instruct him in something he wants to do.”

Their stubborn attitude requires a lot of patience, but they can also be quite aggressive towards children, if they are handled improperly. In other words, this breed doesn’t have that much patience for rough housing. However, if the child is good with animals, expect a friendly and loving Dachshund towards your kids. Supervision works best.

They can adapt with the best of them. Clearly, they are happiest if they are out in the fields or on the farm, but the Dachshund can sustain an apartment life.

Strangers is another sour subject for this breed. Thy aren’t big fans of strangers approaching them or their property. They will use their loud and obnoxious bark if they feel the need to. 

Expect your Dachshund to vocalize his or her discontent for being left alone at home. They will get anxious and bored if left alone for too long.