Dachshund – Page 5 – Dog Breed Review



A Dachshund can live quite a long and fulfilling life between 12 to 16 years. If you buy this bred from a breeder, make sure they supply you with the proper documentation and clearances needed for the healthiest dog possible. You should send your Dachshund to the veterinarian regularly to ensure a healthy dog.

This breed has a ton of issues with their backs, as you can imagine, in how long and oddly shaped it is. That is why most Dachshund owners should be weary in who they allow to pick up their dogs, such as children.

The breed’s elongated can cause serious issues with the spinal cord such as IVDD or Intervertebral Disc Disease. A Dachshund with this health complication will see limited activity and most likely have to undergo some form of surgery to be treated. IVDD appears in roughly 20-25% of all Dachshunds.

Another common problem lurking around the breed is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This can cause complete blindness in dogs including partial blindness at night. This condition is seen most with “Double Dapple” Dachshunds. These are dogs that typically have two different eye colors.

Congenital heart defects like Patent Ductus Arteriosus is a condition that demands a special surgery in order for the dog to be corrected. This breed is twice as likely to develop this defect than other dogs.

Aside from the back issues, the breed has been linked to the following health complications:

  • Hereditary Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Cushing’s Syndrome
  • Bloat
  • Cherry Eye
  • Hpothyroidism