English Setter – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review

English Setter

Personality and Temperament

English Setters are calm and gentle, of course, once you socialize them at an early age. This is a breed that can be ferocious out in the fields, with great amounts of stamina, and turn it off like a switch to a button. Their calm and gentle temperament makes them very loving an lovable. This very nature earns the breed the distinction of being the “gentleman of all dogs.”

With strangers and children, again, with an early start at socialization, this is a friendly and merry breed. They enjoy the company of their people and can be very warm with unfamiliar faces. That is, once that person earns their trust. Their aggressive and always ready mentality at work should never follow them as companions. In fact, the opposite should be true, making them a joy at home.

The English Setter should never be fearful or shy. Their demeanor shall never be vicious. You may need to watch them around smaller children and dogs, but for the most part, this is a breed that can get along with just about anyone.

They are a very intelligent breed, that is highly trainable and agreeable. This isn’t an apartment dog, they do need space and exercise. 

An English Setter should do fine with most climates but is more ideal with temperate conditions. For instance, their feathery coats may not be the most ideal in extreme heat environments.

All in all, this is a very warm and inviting breed. They can get along with all, including pets and smaller children. The breed should be a part of all family functions and trips, as they don’t do well with being alone. Being alone for long periods of time can lead to obnoxious and destructive behavior. The breed is better off for someone with an active lifestyle, or for someone willing to give the breed a role or purpose.