English Setter – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review

English Setter


What the English Setter needs and wants is a big loving family with affection and attention centering around him. In return, you get a very gentle and loving dog, that will be incredibly loyal and mellow around the house. Again, this is a breed that knows how to turn it on and off when it comes to work and companionship.

Early training and socialization is an essential element for this breed. This will teach them to be interactive and obedient down the road. Your English Setter may be very active and hyper for the first few years and one of the ways of curtailing that is by consistent and positive reinforcement. This will help take care of their habits such as barking and digging. This is a breed that does like to jump up and down plenty. You may require a bigger fence or create a better area to fence the dog inside. English Setters need access to the outside, but should be indoor dogs.

Regular exercise for about 40 to 60 minutes per day is crucial. This is why the breed does well with joggers, or owners who enjoy longer walks. Dog parks are a great way for your English Setter to interact with other canines. Training them young, especially with a breed of this caliber, can result in a dog that will do just about anything you ask for in the show ring. 

Trimming their nails, checking their coats for infections, ticks, and other nuances is key. Check their ears for bacterial build up and bathe as you seem necessary.