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Golden Retriever



The perfect blend of cuteness and intelligence is the finest description of a Golden Retriever. They are among the most popular dog breeds in the whole world, and the reason behind this are innumerable. Whether it is their adorable smile or their playful mood, their qualities never fail to amaze.

The golden retriever is not just their name but tells a lot about its appearance as well. They are mostly found in golden color which gives it the name. When it comes to their size, they are large in size, but always ready to sit on the lap and get as much love as they can.

Unlike other dog breeds, they have a soft jaw and were used to retrieve fishes and other things from their mouth. They are among those few dogs who can hold an egg with their jaw without breaking it which makes it a sporting and fishing dog.


The breed came into existence in the 19th century and was used by the rich in their hunting sport. The ancestors of the Golden are still unknown, but by looking at its traits, we can surely say that they were sporting dogs. The Golden retrievers were recognized by the England Kennel Club in 1903 with the name Flat Coats-Golden. However, it as the year 1911 when they got they were known as the Retriever in England.

The United States of America waited a little long to register this breed under their American Kennel Club, and it was the year 1938 when they finally did. Soon after their recognition, it became the second most registered breed in America, just falling behind the Labrador Retriever which you can say its younger brother.

Golden Retrievers were registered in Canada in early 1900s, and the Golden Retriever Club of Ontario was formed in the mid-1900s. Their great coat and long hairs help them in surviving in cold temperatures, so it was not an issue to register them in Canada.


Just like other dogs, the size of a Golden varies with its sex. A male Golden Retriever will go up to sixty-one inches whereas a female will have an average height of fifty-eight inches. When it comes to their weight, a male will weigh more than thirty-two kilograms, on the other hand, a female may weigh near to thirty kilograms.

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Personality and Temperament

Over-friendly is the most appropriate word to describe the personality of a Golden Retriever. They are fun to be with, and their regular activities will surely keep you entertained. When it comes to being with a family, then there is no doubt in saying that they are suitable as a family dog. Apart from their friendly behavior, they are extremely intelligent and fall under the list of top five most intelligent dog breed in the world.

Some of the people are scared to adopt a dog when they have a kid. When you are going to adopt a Golden, you can leave that worry behind. They are always open to new friendships and will accept a child as their friend as well. Do go with their big size as they have complete control over it. Being well mannered combined with friendliness will surely help your dog in befriending with a child.

As mentioned above that they are friendly dogs; you won’t have any problem in introducing them to strangers as well. Rather than attacking any new person, they will try to make friends and will always be ready to play with them.

Apart from that, other dogs of same or opposite sex will be accepted by a Golden as well. They are like social butterflies who love to interact with other humans or dogs which certainly disappoints many people who adopt them as a guard dog. Their natural instincts hinder them from providing excellent protection to your home; rather they can start playing with any stranger.

Aggression is something which is missing in this breed which makes it a great family pet. Most of the Golden Retrievers are low tempered, but their training plays a significant role. With their friendly nature in mind, they should never be left alone. Leaving them alone for multiple hours a day or numerous days could result in separation anxiety which can cause destructive biting and frustration. It is best that they should be given dedicated chew toys or else they could attack shoes, furniture, books and other chewable items.

Energy is something which is limitless in this breed. They are ever ready to play and will never stop until their master commands them to. No matter what time of the day is, just show them their toy and they will be ready to rock the playground.


The lifespan of an average Golden is anywhere near to twelve years, but a healthy one can live up to fourteen years.

The primary concern of every Golden Retriever’s owner is cancer which is found in nearly half of the total population. The cancer is tough to identify and shows symptoms when the dog is in its mid-age. Once the dog is diagnosed with cancer, its treatment is something which is not affordable by many.

Not only this breed is vulnerable to cancer, but they can catch different skin problems as well. Some of the skins diseases are seborrhea, cysts, chronic allergies and tumors as well. Moreover, their closed ears can result in ear infections too.

Bone illnesses like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and torn ligaments are also common in Golden Retrievers. Just like cancer, the treatment of these diseases is expensive as well.

Apart from that, they are also known to be diagnosed with eye cataracts which can cause permanent blindness. In most the cases, this disease is hereditary, but sometimes dogs without any illness past can also catch this disease.

Bloating, myasthenia gravis, thyroid, and laryngeal are some of the other diseases which Golden Retrievers are known to catch.

The best thing to prevent cancer in Goldens is to avoid walks in direct sunlight. Sun rays are known to have ultraviolet rays which are the primary cause of cancer among dogs. Moreover, always adopt a dog certificated dog which clearly states that both the mother and father of the dog has not been diagnosed with any of the life-threatening diseases.


Due to their high social factor, taking care of a Golden Retriever might be daunting for some people. It is necessary to keep them fit, so regular exercise is a must. Moreover, taking it out for a walk at least twice a day is surely a good thing. Though Goldens don’t take time in accepting any stranger, still it is necessary that you socialize your dog as early as possible.

Keeping your dog happy should be your primary concern and leaving your Golden in the backyard or outside your home might just not contribute to that. They love to be around humans so make sure that you keep them with you or at least inside the house so that they don’t feel left alone and decrease the possibility of anxiety.

This is a playful dog breed, so you need to play a lot of games whenever possible. One of the commonest games that you can play is fetch. Goldens love to bring things to their master and by playing fetch, you are hitting two targets at once. The first is that you are giving your dog what they like to do and second is that it will help him or her in staying fit.

Another great thing that they love is swimming so take them to your nearest pet-friendly swimming pool at least once a month. Apart from that, due to their closed ears, they are known to catch ear infections. It is best that you clean its ears regularly with a damp cotton cloth. Make sure that you are not using an earbud made for humans as it could stick into its ears.

When you have a Golden Retriever, then there shouldn’t be any problem in its training. They are highly intelligent and natural learners which makes it easier for their master to train them.

Goldens are fussy eaters about it is best that you brush their teeth after frequent intervals. Adult dogs might not like to brush so start brushing when your dog is a puppy. In addition to that, trim the nails of your dog, or else it might damage your furniture or even your family members.

Don’t forget regular meetings with the vet and ask them to check your dogs for breed specific diseases.


As a large dog breed, a Golden should have a heavy meal at least twice a day. If you are asking about what Golden Retrievers like, then one word that might describe their eating likes is a Foodie. They are among those breeds who love to eat. Whenever you are eating something, they will be staring right into your eyes in the hope of getting a bite, but don’t fall into the trap. Their puppy eyes might look adorable, but giving everything you eat might not be healthy for your pup.

The foods that you should not give to your Golder are soda, chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic, raw eggs, avocado, scallions, bones, milk, salty food, and alcohol. All these foods are proven to be toxic to your dog’s health, and sometimes it can even prove deadly.

Make sure that you are keeping a record of the food you are giving and providing a scheduled diet to your dog. Free feeding should never be an option for a dog as you might mess up the discipline of the dog and make him habitual.

Moreover, do not overfeed your dog to rush its growth. Keep an eye on the weight of your pup and consult your vet about its health. If your dog is underweight, then the vet will provide with a diet chart or health supplements that will take the health of your pup right on track.


Without a doubt, one of the highlighting features of a Golden Retriever is its coat. They have long hairs which thick and comes in Golden and White color. They have a water-repellent double coat which covers its whole body with long hairs. However, as the dog becomes older, their coat might turn lighter in color which concerns their owners. This situation is entirely normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

All those hairs on the dog’s body do shed at certain times of the year which may cause a mess in your house. In most of the cases, summers and the winters are the time when a Golden will normally shed its hairs. Just like the tress, fall is the season when they start to shed heavily. It is best that you regularly brush your Golden at that time of the year.

To avoid shedding in summers, you can opt for a haircut as it will not only solve this problem but will also make your pet feel a little better and have more strength while tackling the heat. Make sure that you don’t take out your Golden for a walk in direct sunlight especially when its hairs are gone.

Ticks are another problem for Goldens. All those long hairs create a warm environment for ticks to survive. They not only survive on your dog’s blood but might also cause tick fever. Tick fever is similar to dengue in humans which is caused by mosquitoes. Make sure that you check your Golden for any ticks living on its body. A most common place where these pests could survive are near the ears, between the paws, on the face, and below the tail. Anti-tick shampoos are available in the market which can help you in getting rid of those insects. Just bath your pet with an anti-tick shampoo once in a week, and it will prevent your dog from catching any tick.

Closing Thoughts

Golden Retrievers are one of the best family pets an individual can have, but they are not certainly good for a guard dog. They are adorable and loving pet, but at the same time, they are one of those few breeds which are known to have too many breed specific diseases.

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