10 Guilty Looking Dogs

guilty dog tore up the bathroom door

We’ve all see it – the look of guilt on a dog’s face when it knows it’s done something wrong.

Sometimes we feel confused or angry, and we may even get upset, but those faces quickly lull us into forgiveness.

From destroyed toys and massacred bedding to those abstract art pieces made from tiny paper bits, we’ve seen it all. We’ve also seen the faces of amusement quickly turn to faces that seem to ask, “am I in trouble?”

They look like they know they’ve done something wrong, and they are incredibly sorry.

Sadly, it’s a misconception that dogs actually feel and display guilt, and these are frequently faces of fearfulness. (There have even been scientific studies on the subject.) Still, we can’t help but find it somewhat amusing when folks find their dogs in questionable predicaments and post the results online.

And, with that, here are some of the guiltiest looking dogs we’ve ever seen.