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It’s Time to Start Adopting Senior Dogs



Puppies are exceptionally cute. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world that would argue that.

However, for how cute and cuddly they are, they sure are a lot of work. Those precious little puppies can wear through your patience pretty fast, and all those responsibilities require a lot of time and energy.

Not to mention, they grow up really quick — they are only puppies for a brief time, before they grow into the adults they will be for years to come.

I am a firm believer that many people should consider adopting adult dogs. Let’s go over all the reasons why adult dogs are often the best choice for people looking to welcome a new canine friend into the home.

They’re Usually Already Housebroken

There’s not a single person that looks forward to potty training a puppy. It’s tiresome and stressful. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night to take your little one out for an emergency potty break, only to step in a puddle of pee. Get used to cleaning up that accident, because it’s going to happen a lot!

Obviously, a big plus to adopting an adult dog is that they’re often already housebroken. If they happen to not be housebroken yet, they will at least have an adult-sized bladder — meaning, you won’t have to run outside a thousand times a day in an effort to prevent accidents.

Truly Saving a Life

Adult dogs are much less likely to get adopted over puppies, which can be downright life-threatening in a kill shelter. By rescuing an older dog and giving him or her a forever home, you could truly be saving a life. Offering a second chance for an older dog essentially makes you that dog’s hero!

Save Yourself From Teething Woes

Just like babies, puppies also go through a teething phase, and trust me when I say it’s not exactly fun. By adopting an adult dog, you’re getting a new friend that has likely already outgrown this phase of chewing on anything and everything.

You Know Exactly What You’re Getting Into

What you see is what you get when you adopt an adult dog. You’ll already know the full-grown appearance, size, and likely even a little about their personality. Most of the time, older dogs will have a calmer temperament, too, since they’re already past the puppy stage.

Obedience Training, Tricks, and More

If you think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, think again. Adult dogs are usually better, more focused learners! It’s often a lot easier to go through training with a calmer, adult dog than an easily excitable puppy.

Adult Dogs Usually Require Less Maintenance

Need to leave your pet alone for a few hours so you can go to work or other obligations? Well, if you have a puppy, forget it. Not only does a puppy require constant attention and training, you can’t exactly leave them alone all day either. An adult dog will fit into your busy life a lot more easily.

Forever Grateful

Older dogs have often been through a lot. Whether they’ve been abandoned or suffered the loss of a loved one, there’s probably some baggage. Often, they’ll be grateful for finding a new home and become incredibly loyal companions knowing this is their second chance.

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