Labrador Retriever – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review

Labrador Retriever


When the Lab was used for company and chore with the fisherman in the 1700’s, it was the most ideal way of life for this breed. Hitherto today, the Labrador Retriever is happy being with its master and family. Regardless of where that may be. Although, they may not thrive in small spaces, such as apartments.

However, while a sizeable backyard is idea for this breed, you should use caution at keeping this type of dog by itself for too long. They don’t want to be alone and need the touch and presence of human contact and affection. They are known for going stir crazy when they get bored and lonely. They may dig up or chew on things they shouldn’t. This is their way of saying pay attention to me.

The simple solution to this is average size walks for about twenty to thirty minutes a day. It doesn’t and shouldn’t be too long. Integrating them around other pets is always good because they thrive on interaction with others. Take them to the park or for a stroll along an area where people are present.

You should always try to keep the Lab busy mentally and physically. They are great with command and obedience. Hence their enormous success as a show dog and in competitions. They love learning new tricks, and they learn rather quickly. You can teach this dog all day long. Just be careful to not cram.

Toys are a must with this breed, such as chew toys. You don’t want them chewing on your favorite furniture upholstery or child’s toy.

You should keep your Lab well maintained grooming wise as well. Brush their teeth twice a week. Clean their ears frequently but carefully. And make sure that you keep them updated with shots and frequent visits to the vets.