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Labrador Retriever


This medium sized dog can get quite big, if you get sloppy with its diet habits. A healthy Labrador Retriever shouldn’t eat more than 4.5 cups of dry food per day. This is assuming your labrador is around 60 pounds or so. Ideally, you would like to keep your Lab around that weight threshold.

As far as puppies are concerned, the Labs aren’t much different than most dog breeds their size. You’ll start them off at about 4 meals a day at about 8-12 weeks. At 6 months and older, you can graduate your feeding amount to about two meals a day. Once they turn a year old and beyond, one meal a day should suffice the Labrador’s appetite.

How you break it up is up to you and your dog. If your dog wants a partial meal in the morning and then another at night, then breaking it up into two smalls will work.

Always choose high quality dry food for your Lab. They shouldn’t get anything less than 27 percent proteins, 20 percent crude fat, and try to keep their fiber below five percent. You should always try to find a nutritional meal with about 30 percent lean meat. Adding 2 percent calcium will help strengthen your Labrador Retriever’s skeletal system.