Labrador Retriever – Page 8 – Dog Breed Review

Labrador Retriever


The Labrador is a moderate shedding breed, in which you’ll most likely need to brush twice to three times a week. Daily brushing may not be a bad idea with this breed.

Labs possess a sleek yet moderately easy to groom double coat. The two layers has a topcoat that is straight, thick and short in length. The undercoat is completely weather resistant and soft to the touch.

You can find a Labrador Retriever in three accepted colors which are, yellow, chocolate and black.

You can bathe a Labrador once every two months, but be careful not to dry out their skin and ruin the natural oil disposition of their coat. Many experts agree that the best grooming technique to a Lab’s coat is investing in a quality vacuum cleaner, as they do tend to shed heavier at different names.