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    The 25 Dog Breeds With the Longest Life Spans

    The oldest dog to ever have lived is Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog from, oddly enough, Australia. He lived to the ripe old age of 29 years and 5 months, way back from 1910-1939. That’s getting on up there to almost 200 in dog years. Think humans will be able to say that some day? […] More

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    25 Foods You Cannot Feed A Dog

    Dogs are a big part of our family. For many of us they are family, like a brother or cousin. We do everything we can to keep our dogs safe and happy. I have two dogs myself, both of them are a year old. One of the most important things to do for our little […] More

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    Doberman Pinscher

    Would you believe it if someone told you that a “taxman” created and gave the world such an incredible and enjoyable dog breed? Probably not, however, that is certainly the case, when over a century ago, a “tax collector” introduced what would become one of the most beloved breeds on this planet, the Doberman Pinscher. […] More

  • American Staffordshire Terrier

    American Staffordshire Terrier

    The American Staffordshire Terrier may look a little mean around the edges, but in the correct environment, the Am Staff is quite gentle and sweet. Tough and muscular, the American Staffordshire Terrier is a medium sized dog, that can live on average up to 15 years old. With the right home and master, this dog […] More

  • Labrador retriever

    Labrador Retriever

    There should be no argument as to why the Labrador Retriever is the single most popular dog, according to the American Kennel Club. It’s so popular, that this breed needed to be identified by black, chocolate, and yellow. A Labrador Retriever is smart and courageous, as well as compassionate and able. You’ll find them with […] More

  • Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamute

    The Alaskan Malamute story is one of fierce fighting against bigger and meaner creatures of the Arctic, such as bears. This lovable and affectionate large sized dog has been hugging and lugging for over 12,000 years. Considered to be one of the first dogs in America and the oldest Arctic sledding dog around. Alaskan Malamute […] More

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    The Leonberger is a breed of dog that has captivated the imagination of many and the hearts of dog lovers for their impressive majestic appearance, strong physicality, outgoing and friendly personality. Here is a dog that seems to have been surrounded by one or two impressive men, who had a vision for this breed that […] More

  • English Bulldog profile

    English Bulldog

    The English Bulldog, is a medium sized breed, that continues to sneeze and drool its way into the hearts of dog lovers, including America’s favorite Hollywood stars. This Bulldog is a top 5 in popularity, according to the American Kennel Club, and one of the most familiar faces in sports as a mascot. You’ve heard […] More

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    Shiloh Shepherd

    Every breed comes from a breeder who had a vision. The Shiloh Shepherd is a recent reminder of what a dog lover’s imagination can do. In fact, the breed owes their inception from one woman out of New York. If you are wondering why the Shiloh Shepherd looks like a much bigger German Shepherd, that’s […] More

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    Poodle (Standard)

    One of a kind — second most intelligent — and seventh most popular breed, it’s no wonder two hncountries contend for the Standard Poodle. Most kennels give the origins nod to Germany, but France isn’t backing down from tackling their claim. While their origins are up for debate, especially the breed’s ancestry, there’s no arguing […] More

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