Dog Breed Review – Page 3 – Honest Dog Breed Reviews

Japanese Spitz

While the Japanese Spitz is new to the dog kingdom, its ancestry dates back to thousands of years ago. Although it isn’t clear of this breed’s “true DNA,” there have been some who can reduce … Read more

White Shepherd

They may be Caucasian, but whatever you do, do not call the White Shepherd an albino. Along with that myth, the white version of the great German Shepherd often faces plenty of confusion. As in, … Read more


If you couldn’t afford a Greyhound a century ago, then you would probably buy one of the fastest breeds on the planet — a Whippet. In England, people would call this medium size hound, “The … Read more


They are cute, they are sacred and the Xoloitzcuintli is so scrumptious that it is said people would eat them. As chilling as that may sound, it wasn’t all bad for the Xolo. As some … Read more

Welsh Springer Spaniel

When you combine handsome with intelligent you get the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Somewhere in the middle of the spaniel world—Welshies aren’t as popular as the Boykin or Cocker but certainly edge out the Clumber and … Read more