All The Good Doggos’ Adoption Photos

Megan Smith July 29, 2020

Puppy living the good life This pupper found his new family after a hurricane. Looks like she’s already making her new owner’s knees buckle from cuteness.

Heartwarming Cross-Species Friendships

Mary Newman July 23, 2020

Comfort animals Zakir Hossain | Chowdhury Barcroft Media via Getty This rhino needed comfort. This sheep wanted a friend. A match made in heaven. According to the zoo, these two are inseparable.

Designer Dogs: The Cutest Cross-Breed Canines

Kat Sweet July 22, 2020

Jack-A-Poo, aka the Jackdoodle PetGuide This pup is a mix between the Jack Russell Terrier and a Poodle — generally a Miniature or Toy-Sized Poodle. They are affectionate, lively, and intelligent, making them great family dogs. Although their small size makes them well-suited to apartment living, they’re also full of …

Decoding a Bark – 30 Ways to Understand Your Dog

Junna Resuma July 10, 2020

22. Running in their sleep How cute is it to watch your dog run while they sleep? When dogs do this, it’s probably because they’re dreaming of running. It just so happens their legs start moving in real life in order to keep up with the dream.


10 Guilty Looking Dogs
Amanda Walker August 30, 2019

10 Guilty Looking Dogs

That Poor Hedgehog “I didn’t mean to.” Is this dog sorry because of what happened, or is it just mourning the death of a beloved hedgehog toy? Either way, the sadness is too real.