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There’s very little that legendary fictional bad boy, Tony Montana, or Scarface and the Havanese have in common. In fact, you’ll never read a comparison of this kind. The toy breed like Scarface is from … Read more


When you take one look at the Vizsla, you can’t help but think, what a charming Golden Rust dog. Indeed, that is all true as a companion. Yet, on the trail, this medium size breed … Read more

Toy Fox Terrier

If you like buying American, then the Toy Fox Terrier is waiting to hear from you! This exuberant, running, and jumping Toy breed comes from an impressive ancestry of performers. From the dog shows to … Read more

Thai Ridgeback

If you suffer from Ophidiophobia — then the Thai Ridgeback is the dog for you. Meet the rare and exotic medium size breed, with a propensity of capturing and killing Cobras. If they have to, … Read more

Swedish Vallhund

They aren’t Corgis, although they look the part — the Swedish Vallhund is an ancient herding breed with high energy to shake off.  While the breed is considerably rare, there is growing enthusiasm about them … Read more


Back in the day, you didn’t need a can of mace. Nope, you could hide a Pekingese in your sleeve like emperors did centuries ago, and unleash them under threat. This breed, also known as … Read more

Standard Schnauzer

[tps_footer][/tps_footer] Move over Tom Selleck and Rollie Fingers, there’s a new moustache in town — The Standard Schnauzer. Meet the German snout. This hairy, medium size, versatile working breed needs no help filling out their … Read more