The Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy People

pug dog under a blanket on a couch
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Caring for a dog comes with great responsibility. And that applies to all dogs, no matter the breed. Yes, even “low-maintenance” breeds.

When you consider adopting a new pup, you have to think about their basic needs to keep them happy and healthy: dogs need daily walks, regular vet visits, occasional nail trimming, and, of course, attention and affection.

However, there are some dog breeds that just require a lot more work than others.

I mean, Pomeranians sure are cute, but not everyone has the time to keep up with grooming demands required to keep those fluffballs looking their best. The same goes for the Chow Chow, who’s beautiful coat requires plenty of time and maintenance — not to mention these strong-willed and stubborn dogs can be difficult to train.

They aren’t always the best choice for new dog owners, or people who are really busy.

So, if you were hoping to adopt a new canine family member that requires a little less, check out these adorable and low-maintenance dog breeds.

They’re the perfect choice for first-time dog owners, or people who simply may not have the calendar space for extra grooming appointments.