Swedish Vallhund – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review

Swedish Vallhund

Personality and Temperament

The Swedish Vallhund is a hardworking breed. That is their mission in life. Herding, ratting and serving faithfully as a watchdog. Eager to please their people, a Swedish Vallhund is a willing and able participant when it comes to work. When they aren’t busy herding livestock, they prefer to keep busy with plenty of mental and physical stimulation. They love exercise. This breed thrives in events like obedience, agility and tracking. They can be very playful but also know how to turn it off.

When they are at home with their people, the breed is calm, enjoys cuddling and loves to be affectionate. Aside from their herding traits, this is a breed that is wonderful with children,. They usually get along fine with other dogs as well. Most experts consider them more wolf life than anything.

The breed has an even keel temperament. They can be very social and may bark more commonly than others. Yet, they continue to be joyful and cheerful with plenty of spirit. The breed will mature slower than most and typically comes of their puppy phase around 3 or 4 years old.

Curious and watchful, the breed is instinctive, keen and alert making them ideal for keeping an eye out for suspicious activity.

All in all, this is a friendly breed, even with strangers. They love space and love to get their work in. And if they don’t get their workout on, they are fine playing, or learning new tricks.