Herding – Dog Breed Review

White Shepherd

They may be Caucasian, but whatever you do, do not call the White Shepherd an albino. Along with that myth, the white version of the great German Shepherd often faces plenty of confusion. As in, … Read more

Swedish Vallhund

They aren’t Corgis, although they look the part — the Swedish Vallhund is an ancient herding breed with high energy to shake off.  While the breed is considerably rare, there is growing enthusiasm about them … Read more

Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Water Dog loves to work. This powerful, multi-purpose medium size breed was a Spanish shepherd’s best friend. And while most people in Spain know full well about the SWD — The breed is … Read more


When it comes to herding, Hungarian’s own, the Pumi, is one of the finest breeds out there. Need to drove pig? No problem! What about sheep and cattle? The Pumi is up for the job! … Read more


Look, it’s a Komondor! No, look it’s a mop with a cute face. No, it’s actually the Hungarian herding breed — the Puli. With their unique coat and intelligent herding instincts, this old and reliable … Read more

English Shepherd

Once upon a time, the English Shepherd was likely the most popular breed in America. This high energy, medium size, herding dog was then and still is the complete package. On the farm, this is … Read more