Small Sized – Dog Breed Review

Japanese Spitz

While the Japanese Spitz is new to the dog kingdom, its ancestry dates back to thousands of years ago. Although it isn’t clear of this breed’s “true DNA,” there have been some who can reduce … Read more

Toy Fox Terrier

If you like buying American, then the Toy Fox Terrier is waiting to hear from you! This exuberant, running, and jumping Toy breed comes from an impressive ancestry of performers. From the dog shows to … Read more


When it comes to herding, Hungarian’s own, the Pumi, is one of the finest breeds out there. Need to drove pig? No problem! What about sheep and cattle? The Pumi is up for the job! … Read more

Miniature Pinscher

Nobody likes comparisons, but the Miniature Pinscher has been dealing with comparisons to the Doberman for nearly a century. Yet, this small breed from the Toy Group is actually much older and unlike the Dobie, … Read more

Italian Greyhound

For those with noble laps, meet the Italian Greyhound. From Cleopatra to Julius Caesar, just to name drop a few owners of this toy breed, the I.G. is the smallest Gazehound around. Additionally, the I.G … Read more