Working – Dog Breed Review

Saint Bernard

An actor, a hero, a familiar face — The Saint Bernard is one of the most recognizable breeds on the planet. And as some historians recount, there are 700 years of unwritten history missing from … Read more

Standard Schnauzer

[tps_footer][/tps_footer] Move over Tom Selleck and Rollie Fingers, there’s a new moustache in town — The Standard Schnauzer. Meet the German snout. This hairy, medium size, versatile working breed needs no help filling out their … Read more


It’s not the American Eskimo Dog you’re seeing, rather, this member of the Spitz family is the Samoyed. From the Akita to the Alaskan Malamute, meet one of the oldest living breeds on the planet. … Read more


Big, bold, and sweet, this workaholic breed isn’t just a seaside helper, nope, the Newfoundland is also quite the hero. With so many legends and stories maintaining this breed’s heroic legacy, it’s no wonder this … Read more


The Kuvasz is so loyal that a 15th century King put more trust into this large breed than his guards. For many years, in fact, the breed was only a protector of the noble class. … Read more