Tibetan Terrier – Dog Breed Review

Tibetan Terrier

What’s in a dog name? Not much, that is, if you’re the Tibetan Terrier. Indeed, one of the most misleading breeds by name sake, the TT has no relation to any terrier. Much like their relative, the Tibetan Spaniel, the breed was stuck with a name that doesn’t really represent them.

As you can probably guess, the breed hails from the  rooftop of the world, Tibet. And it was there that the Tibetan Terrier made a friend and legacy. Insomuch, the monks call them the “Holy Dog of Tibet.”

While the breed is relatively rare in the West and United States, interest in the breed continues to grow.

So what is this breed’s story and should you take a chance?

Here is what you need to know about the Tibetan Terrier.