Tibetan Terrier – Page 4 – Dog Breed Review

Tibetan Terrier

Personality and Temperament

The Tibetan Terrier isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you’re looking for a dog that will do as you say, be a star in obedience, then the TT isn’t quite the match. That isn’t to say they will run roughshod all over you. They won’t. The breed is definitely capable of listening and learning, that is, from someone that is fair and consistent.

Tibetan Terriers will make you earn their performances. While they do pick up on the first command 30 percent of the time, according to the Intelligence of Dogs, they aren’t big on learning new trades for the sake of doing so. It needs to interest them. This is a breed that does like to play but they certainly don’t mind being mellow. Indeed, you’ll find them on occasion mellowing out on your bed or couch. While they are on the smaller scale or medium, dog lovers consider the breed  “a large dog in a small dog’s body.”

The breed can be vocal, especially when they are missing a special someone. They’ll bark when something isn’t right, but may just feel like chatting. However, those familiar with the Tibetan Terrier claim they don’t just yap to yap. 

A Tibetan Terrier is better with a family that as older children. While they would much rather be an only dog , they can live with other canines. 

Active, agile, and alert, these traits made the breed such great watchdogs in the past. They do adapt well to apartment living and will fit in out in the country. Cold or hot, the breed should be fine.

A special bond is important to the Tibetan Terrier. People refer to them as “little people,” because they are sensitive as one. Especially with their people. The TT can tell with your body language if you’re having a bad day. Or they’ll wag their tail along with your happiness.

All in all, this is a loyal, affectionate and independent breed. Tibetan Terriers have a mind of their own. Sometimes a troublemaker, playing and close contact with humans the breed appreciates. Prepare yourself, this is a long investment, and don’t find it shocking when they live until 15 or 16 years old. Aloof with strangers, willing to protect the home, the Tibetan Terrier is a unique soul with a fun spirit.