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Tibetan Terrier


The first important note for any breed is that not all dogs will or can eat the same. That logic applies for the Tibetan Terrier as well. Things like; age, metabolism, activity requirements can play a role in how much your breed will eat.

On average, most enthusiasts seem comfortable feeding their Tibetan Terrier between 1 to 1 1/2 cups of high quality dry kibble per day. Meat should be the first ingredient. You can break the portion up into two meals to help alleviate the chances of Bloat or obesity. Bloat is a deadly condition of the stomach that a dog gets from an excess of gas. 

Quality sources of protein, crude fat, and calories should be a priority for an owner who wants their Tibetan Terrier to remain healthy and active. The average TT should consume a caloric intake between 610 to 894 calories per day.

As always, you should provide your Tibetan Terrier with fresh drinking water.