Xoloitzcuintli – Page 6 – Dog Breed Review



To screen the sun or not to sunscreen, that is the question. The Xoloitzcuintli suggests not doing so, as the breed can naturally mature out of their delicate skin issues. That said, a lot of owners do apply certain types of sunscreen, so always consult a professional first before doing so.

One thing you can certainly do is manage their time in the sun. It is no mystery that this breed does have fits being out in the sun for long durations. This is a breed better off in moderate climates. They should be fine in apartments, and in the country, just as long as you provide them with enough exercise.

This is a breed that should receive consistent training and socialization. Introducing the Xolo to new people and new things, will help them in the long run socially. They can be stubborn but will typically adhere to positive reinforcement, thus being agreeable.

The breed may exude some hints of prey drive, so it is always best to keep a leash, a fence or avoid other small animals around them. The American Kennel Club suggests supervision around children and dogs.

They have a medium energy capacity, which only means they’ll need a short walk or two per day. You can also get away with opening the backdoor and letting them engage in a playful romp. Fetch and other K-9 activities will help keep them from destructive habits.

Additionally, you should check their ears for bacterial backup, trim their nails routinely as to avoid splits, crack and overgrowth. And, bathe them as you deem necessary.